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QUICK OVERVIEW Ek Mukhi Rudraksha undoubtedly fulfils the desires of the person. One Face Rudraksha is the rarest and most auspicious Rudraksha. One Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Siva himself. It washes off all sins of the user. It enhances knowledge and the power of the wearer. It also minimizes worldly attachment
Putrajivi Mala is also known as Putra Prapti Mala. Putrajivi Mala is a powerful and effective lama, made up of fruit seeds of the Putrajiva tree. Fruit seeds of the Putrajiva tree are knotted in a thread, forming this Putrajivi rosary.  
Crystal Tortoise is the greatest sign of stability, longevity, steadiness, support, good fortune and protection. Crystal Tortoise also works as an aid to Vastu correction and it has incredible power to balance and harmonize the surroundings around us. If you are willing to know more about Crystal Tortoise
QUICK OVERVIEW Pyra cards protection and safeguard offers you all round safety and self-protection. It is very easy to use and carry. It works as protection tool for you. It is must for all those who go out for work and travel. It creates a self-defense environment around user of Pyra card protection. It also keep evil eye away from you. It protects you all day and night without any personal attention.
Crystal Mala made from Sphatik improves concentration, attentiveness, and cools the mind.Sphatik helps in increasing our instinctive power. Crystal Mala / Rosary is used for reciting mantras while worship.  
Bhairava Kavach is blessed by Kaal bhairav or Lord Bhairav. Lord Bhairav is an avatar of Lord Shiva with his blessings incorporated in this powerful Kavach. Bhairava Kavach works as an efficient shield, offering a protection from accidents, misfortunate events, overcome difficulties due to evil effects, effect of the Rahu&Ketu planet, Planet Saturn influence etc.  
QUICK OVERVIEW Rudrani Mala / Rosary is considered to be the scared Mala of Goddess Parvati. UsingRudrani and Rudraksha malas together combines the divine energies of both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Wearing this rosary can save the person from misfortunes and unpredictable accidents
QUICK OVERVIEW Vyaparvridhi (Business Growth) Yantra is a Yantra for fortune, name, fame and progress in revenue, incomes or wealth. It is recommended forthe business executives facing any sort of financial crisis in their business.
Medicine Buddha is also called the Healing Buddha. Medicine Buddha helps to heal all the sickness. Placing it in the center of your home helps in the Spiritual as well as Personal Growth. Placing it in the northeast Bagua area can also help in giving huge benefits to the user. Mostly the illness originates in our mind also so-called three main poisons (attachment, hate, and ignorance), it is better to keep the Medicine Buddha statue as a guard.  
Gold Spiral Metal Pendulum – These Spiral shaped Metal Alloy Pendulums from India are perfectly weighted and are great to use for dowsing. They are available as Silver, Gold or Copper-plated Pendulums on a matching chain with ball on the end.
QUICK OVERVIEW Popularly called in India as ‘Kale Ghore ki Naal’, Black Horse Iron Shoe and products made from it e.g. ring have been universally accepted as a proven article to ward off the evil effects of Saturn, especially during Sade Sati.


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