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Hundred years ago present system of numerology came back to India with western system. Author tried to write the concept with Indian references and tried his best to make it a practical proposition even in the present context.Part-1 of this book is based on Unitary System and Part-2 is based on Grid system, Number Dasha results and Horary
Th the seven power points in the human body that circulate energy or the life force also known as prana. Wear this pendant to clear the energy flow of the chakras. This pendant has seven chakra cabachon stones on a flat gemstone point (crystal quartz, amethyst or black tourmaline.
Language: Hindi Author: Dr. Suresh Chandra Mishra Publisher: Ranjan Publications
Shree Meru Yantra Ring made in pure Parad is the most auspicious ring and blesses the wearer with immense success, fortune, power and happiness. It also helps in clearing negative thoughts and negative energies. This special ring is the source of accomplishing materialistic desires and for spiritual upliftment. It also controls blood pressure. It can be worn on any finger.  
Author: Agnes M. Miall Language: English Publisher: Ajay Book Service Publication
Mach Mani Stone Gems is an ancient gem, but due to non-publication, it could not be practiced. The story of this gem is directly related to the Ramayana. In the Ramayana, the story of a son of Hanuman comes. His name is – Makardhavaj. Makarajwaj was born from the womb of a fish and not only a fish but he was also a mother.
QUICK OVERVIEW Shubh Labh Yantra is an auspicious and a combined Yantra of Laxmi and Ganpati. Shri Lakshmi Ganesh Yantra gives you success, wealth, intelligence and knowledge. It is recommended by AstroDevam.com, that every home should install this auspicious Yantra for the blessings of Deity Ganpati and Maa Lakshmi
Author: Dr. Manoj Kumar Publisher: Alpha Publications Language: Hindi

Parad Pendant

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Parad is  also very useful in controlling various diseases like High Blood Pressure, Asthma and etc .Parad has special significance in Ayurveda too. Its benefits have be proved beneficial from Astrological as well as Scientific.
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