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Looking for Sun sign as per Indian astrology look for one sign previous to what you see in News papers etc Each of the star signs is associated with a different symbol and represents the zodiac sign in which the Sun was at the time of a person’s birth.

Astrologics is committed to remove sin, suffering and pain worldwide. We supply the best quality items for success, self-empowerment and spiritual evolution, at reasonable prices for the benefit of all. All our items are selected and prepared after thorough research into the subject.

These meanings are in no way, the final say in what YOUR dream means, but hopefully it will inspire you to explore and offer a suggestive starting point for understanding your own dreams. There is no “One dream interpretation fits all“. Every detail, even the minutest element in your dream is important and must be considered when analyzing your dreams. Each symbol represents a feeling, a mood, a memory or something from your unconscious.

At Astrologics we believe that spiritual rites and rituals are the most providential. They are the ritualistic devotions to the Celestial Body (God) that harmonize us with cosmic energies. These rituals eliminate the karmic sorrows of life and boost spiritual as well as material

You would need to order Puja online. You may avail free consultation for Puja from our experts. You need to specify birth details and Sankalp (wish for the Puja) while placing order. We would email you the Puja schedule after discussion

The word Yantra means an instrument or machine or talisman depending upon the context. A Yantra can be described as a very complex Engine of Energy containing nested geometric figures, arrays of mystic patterns and a series of ancient symbols with etching

Much of your Numerology is based on your name your birth name plays a key role in your personal Numerology chart, but the name you use today affects the persona you’re giving off to the world. Should you change your name after marriage or divorce? Is the spelling of your name affecting your fortune in life? Numerology

Please note that the energy of the Rudraksha bead comes from the seeds. This energy is transmitted through the thorns, which get chipped off with time, but this doesn’t reduce the potential of the bead. The other thorns perform their work but a broken one does not emit energy and there will be no providential effects. It may give malefic effects.

Yes, we can. By following our predictions with your sincere attention, you can make better decisions and have a better future. It may also please be noted that the solutions will help to reduce your stress.

Absolutely Yes! All our customer’s details are kept 100% confidential. We do not give out customer information to anyone, come what may.

If the five elements of nature are balanced and all obstructions to life are removed then you will receive the maximum life enhancing energy and support of nature, which will assist you in unfolding your full potential. You will have more opportunities and your thinking will be clear to act on them in the proper time.