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mool santi

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Mool Shanti Puja Samagri is used in Mool Shanti Pooja and it is recommended by Astrologers, Pandits and Experts of Vedic Shastras, to negate the bad and evil effects of Mool Dosha or Mangal Gandant forms in the Birth chart of the person. It is used to lessen the negative effects of the natal moon’s position in Moola, Jyeshtha, Ashlesha, Magha, Aswini or Revati. At AstroDevam.com, you can easily order Mool Shanti Puja Samagri online, Pebbles from 27 Villages, Water from 27 Wells,   Leaves and Barks from 27 Trees, Mool Moolni Chandi, Ganga Water, Mauli/ Kalava, Janeu (Sacred thread), Roli, Madhu (Honey)  
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Maa Baglamukhi is Aadi Shakti means she has the supreme power to destroy enemies. Keeping Maa Baglamukhi statue in Puja room can change your life from positive to negative. If you are trapped on false court cases without any valid reason, then worshipping Ma Baglamukhi Brassidol is the best option.Goddess Baglamukh is called Stambhini Shakti, so if you are a true learner and want to improve your knowledge in your own field then you should worship Maa Baglamukhi.  
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Evil Eye Hanging

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Evil Eye is a symbol of the protection of the jealous eye. Evil Eye Hanging protects us against harm caused by jealous people in personal as well as professional life and offers you the power to rise victorious over them. One can easily hang this Evil Eye Hanging in the office premises or living room to protect against misfortune and distress.
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QUICK OVERVIEW Diwali Puja Kit is the customized kit containing Lakshmi Ganesh Puja items and Diwali Puja Samagri kit for Diwali Pooja. Those days are gone when you bought different Puja samagree from different shops
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QUICK OVERVIEW Performing the Bhoomi Nirman Puja is beneficial for those, who are proceeding forward to build a new house or going to start the cultivation of the season. Bhawan Nirman Puja gives the blessings of the Mother Earth and ensure a good result by eliminating the negativities. Thus, people worship Mother Earth to bring joy, peace, health and prosperity in their life
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QUICK OVERVIEW Shri Kuber Dhan Varsha Yantra brings prosperity, affluence and wealth to the possessor. Installing Shri Laxmi Kuber Dhan Varsha Yantra at residence or workplace bestows one with divine pleasures, mental and sacred pleasures, victory and a lifetime of opulence. Once Goddess Lakshmi is content with a person, his luck attracts wealth and finance like a magnet.
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QUICK OVERVIEW Shri Dhan Laxmi Yantra attracts wealth towards the worshipper and transforms all loses into profits. People worship dhan laxmi yantra for success and wealth. This complete shri dhan laxmi yantra kit is designed in such a way that your all wishes can be fulfilled.
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