Jiten Pyramid

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QUICK OVERVIEW Swastik Gold 700 pyramids is 20 times more powerful than Pyra Vastu Swastik. It is used to improve overall efficiency of your body, create environmental harmony, bring prosperity and harmony

Fortune Door

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A simple and effective Pyramid Yantra that is a must in your house, office or work place SECRET FEATURES Power of 9×9 Pyramids in the center and 9 small pyramids in the Bemor plates each. Enriched with 2 Gold pyramids and 12 color crystal. Supported by 8 Radiating discs and 3 Gold plates in the bottom. MYSTIC BENEFITS w Fortune Door is the latest invention in PyraVastu and can bring prosperity, luck and good fortune. w Must for each house, office and workplace. w Ideal for new virtual door opening and to attract good fortune. w Can solve many problems due to its innovative design.
No need to fix bottom chips with glue, fits automatic on pressing.
Less power than Max, but fits into less space due to mini size.
FlatMax with 9 copper pyramids, more affordable than Flat Max.
3 times more powerful than ProMax. Give you fast and accurate result.
ProMax with special ‘Aroma’ charged and inbuilt big Gold pyramid in the center for good results. Also comes with a Centron booster plate for extra power.

Max – Baisc

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This is the economic version on Max, without the bottom copper plates.

Max 500

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5 times more powerful than Max, with special Gold pyramid in the center.
FlatMax with 9 times more Gold Power. Must for vastu corrections.
New Pyramid Yantra with Divine Ganesh power for all-round prosperity.


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India’s highest selling Max, with 4 big copper triangles on top for better results.

Showing 1–12 of 32 results