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Bhairava Kavach

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Bhairava Kavach is blessed by Kaal bhairav or Lord Bhairav. Lord Bhairav is an avatar of Lord Shiva with his blessings incorporated in this powerful Kavach. Bhairava Kavach works as an efficient shield, offering a protection from accidents, misfortunate events, overcome difficulties due to evil effects, effect of the Rahu&Ketu planet, Planet Saturn influence etc.  
Saraswati Kavach is said to contain the power to overcome any obstacles in their path; particularly hurdles one faces in their educational career and life. From Vedic times, Goddess Saraswati improves one’s speech, intelligence, education, and wisdom.  

Saraswati Kavach

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Saraswati Kavach is a powerful tool as it has the strength to dispel confusion and bestow intelligence to the user. Saraswati Rudraksha Talisman improves the memory, creativity, power, knowledge, meditation; will to concentrate, education and understanding and to overcome the despair, dullness and lowliness.  
QUICK OVERVIEW Mahamritunjay Kavachis a powerful tool blessed by Lord Shiva. Mahamrityunjaya Kavach yantra helps in relieving people of ailments and fears. It has an image of Deity Mahadev Shiv and the Mahamriyunjaya Yantraon Kavach. It also protects us from sinful effects of Kaal Sarp Dosh and Planetary negative influences.
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QUICK OVERVIEW Vashikaran Kavach is used to fascinate the person you want and bring her or him under your impact. ‘Vashikaran’ factually means to control somebody. Hence, Vashikaran Kavach has mystical powers of attraction and fascination. This Pendant focuses the energy and willpower of your mental waves to appeal the person of your dreams.
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QUICK OVERVIEW Lakshmi Kavach bestows us wealth, success, name, fame, harmony and peace. Lakshmi Kavach represents the blessings of Maa Laxmi.A believer who wears Lakshmi Kavachgets success and wealth, especially if with regular mantra chanting.It also removes negative effects, black magic powers, planetary influence, etc.
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QUICK OVERVIEW Nazar raksha/suraksha kawach is considered the most powerful tool which helps in protecting against bad and negative effects in one’s life. It is believed to ward off evil eye influences and negative influences in one’s life.
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