Birth Time Rectification

In Doubt, about your Birth Time?                                                                                                       service rectify birth

Now, Know your exact Birth Time, accurate upto Seconds.                                                         The biggest challenge before Science of Astrology i.e. availability of correct birth time; now resolved by

The horoscope or Janampatri /Kundli is literally a map of the heavens showing the exact position of all the Grahas, being prepared on the basis of exact place of Birth, Exact date of Birth and Exact time of Birth. The horoscope is indeed a unique chart; no two individuals have the same one.

As per tenets of Vedic Astrology, predictions should be given only on the basis of accurately prepared Horoscope; and this is the reason why Vedic Astrology can define an individual’s nature and temperament in a most subtle and personal manner.

service rectify birth


Out of three requirements for a horoscope to be casted i.e. date, time and place of birth; normally we remain sure about Date and place of birth, but in most of the cases, time of birth is not reliable.

This is due to various reasons. One, watch was not available at the time birth for noting exact birth time; or if watch was there, it was showing inaccurate time say, plus/ minus ten minutes; or, Doctor and nurses noted the time but not the exact time of delivery, as their main concern was safe delivery of the child.

Beyond this, even there is so much confusion about the exact definition of Birth, it may be the moment when, part of baby’s body is firstly seen; or when it did make first noise; or when baby started to breath; or when umbilical cord was cut.

service rectify birth

All these aspects have presented biggest challenge before Science of Astrology i.e. availability of correct birth time. Nothing more is frustrating for an Astrologer than not knowing the accurate birth time of a client.

Many of the astrologers analyze horoscopes without checking the authenticity of Birth time and this is the main reason that most of their predictions go wrong, especially in cases, when even inaccuracy of a few minutes changes the whole horoscope.

Having said that, it is a sad reality that only a few Astrologers know how to rectify the incorrect birth time.

The great ancient Rishis had felt this problem thousands of years ago; and they bestowed the posterity formulas for correcting the birth time. These formulas are collectively called ‘Nashta Jatakam’ (Lost Horoscopy).

service rectify birth

The team of astrologers at, under the guidance of  Āchary Kalki Krishna, has mastered all the nuances of ‘Nashta Jatakam’ (Lost Horoscopy). They have deftly combined these formulas with the formulas given in another great branch of Vedic Astrology i.e. ‘Nadi Astrology’ as well as a new development in the field of Astrology, called ‘KP System’.

The ultimate result of all this exercise is that is getting mesmerizing results on the front of ‘Birth Time Rectification’ or ‘Janma Samay shuddhi’.


service rectify birth

We do not stop at this only. We take the details of major and important events, positive or negative, of the life of our clients and match with the horoscope made on the basis of arrived birth time. Some examples of major events of life are-

  • Major physical attributes
  • Status of Education, any important and noticeable fact like any break, change in the stream of education along with dates
  • Date of first job / New Business
  • Date of Marriage and major love affairs
  • Date of Birth of your children
  • Dates of major purchases and investments  like home, vehicle or office
  • Dates of Distinguished promotions in business, work
  • Dates of relocation  within / outside country
  • Dates o incidents of major  financial loss
  • Dates of  incidents of  illness, accident, Injury or surgery
  • Parents still alive or not / Date of demise of parents/family member
  • Dates of  Winning or inheriting some wealth or fortune
  • Any other significant event of your life which you want to specify

When one is not sure about the exact date, we simply request him to provide us only approx. period of these events.

service rectify birth

After this extensive exercise, what you get is your birth time, accurate even up to seconds. We suggest that all the persons who want to reap the benefits of Vedic Astrology, to avail this wonderful, unparalleled service of and get their horoscopes corrected / rectified.