Corporate Solutions

You are running a departmental store or a Multinational company; you are in the manufacturing sector or service sector; whatever you are doing; do not take chances; contact  ‘’®  for their multifarious corporate package of astrology and related services.

‘ ’®  an ISO accredited entity, is the only organization in the world, which provides bouquet of services by a dedicated team of Astrologers, Vaastu Experts, Numerologists. This research oriented team, working under the capable guidance of Acharya Kalki Krishna,has the benefit of regular interface with Management experts, financial wizards, Engineers and architects. It is noteworthy here that  Acharya Kalki Krishna himself is very senior Management Accountant and has been consultants to many top notch companies. Due to sheer quality and result oriented approach, intensive as well as comprehensive services of  ‘’®  have become a favourite among corporate world.

We provide corporate services in following segments:-

  •   1. New Venture-Analysis and Strategies
  •   2. Current business-Analysis and Strategies
  •   3. Raising Finance
  •   4. Corporate Employee Scan
  •   5. Right Person For Right Job
  •   6. Business Family Report
  •   7. Corporate numerology
  •   8. Powerful Logo, Visiting Card, Stationery
  •   9. Corporate Vastu
  • 10. Corporate Muhurta (Most Powerful Time For Any Action)
  • 11. Ask Anything