Prashna/ Horary

Horary Astrology, Prashna or question horoscopy is a unique system of astrology, which analyses and predicts about the subject of question by drawing a horoscope specifically for that question. Instead of relying on the natal horoscope, it relies on the specially cast horoscope, prepared in a special way, the most popular being on the basis of date, time and place of question’s delivery to the astrologer.

Out of all branches of Astrology, Prashna or Horary astrology is undisputedly most divine. The philosophy behind the concept of Question Horoscopy is that the very moment, at which a question is delivered to an astrologer is not a random moment chosen by the querent or astrologer, but a moment, part of the great universal design, specifically chosen by the Universal Energies with a specific purpose. The very purpose is to help an astrologer to be able to answer the query in a most reliable way; and help the querist to get most enlightened answer to his query.

The unique thing about this branch of astrology is that birth time is not required for answering the queries.  Therefore, it comes of great help in cases where either birth time is not available or when available, is doubtful. This system of astrology is also highly useful in answering some peculiar questions, which Natal Astrology fails to reply.

For example, your precious ornaments have been stolen and you want to know that who has stolen your ornaments. It is very difficult, rather impossible; to know the details of thief from the horoscope prepared based on your birth details. However, with the help of Horary Astrology/ Prashna, you can get the answer with very high accuracy. This is the reason that Horary Astrology is very much used in forensics.

Some of the sample questions, which are very popular in Horary Astrology, have been given in the relevant segment ‘Sample questions for your guidance’. One should go through the same so that he could understand the immense potential of this branch of Astrology. However, just opposite to natal astrology, which gives insight on the entire life of a person, horoscope prepared in Horary answers to only a specific question. But high level of accuracy compensates this limitation.

Since, predictions under this system come from the higher intelligence or the cosmic mind, the questioner is also expected to follow a ‘Code of Conduct’, which you may go through under the section, ‘How to ask a question’. Before putting up your question, you are requested to go through the same.

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