Shubh Muhurat

Muhurta’, also known as Electional Astrology, may be defined as auspicious, conducive and favorable time, chosen for starting or performing an important event/action. Literally, a Muhurta meant a period of two Ghatis equivalent to 48 minutes. But by convention, the word ‘Muhurta’ is being used in popular parlance as well as for all practical purposes, for a specific duration of time, which is conducive to a particular action, so that optimum results may be derived from that particular action.

Thousands years ago, the Great Masters of Vedic Astrology have recognized unique temperament and vibration of units of time and they used the same for the benefit of humankind in general. Instead of confronting with forces of nature, prevalent at specific duration of time, they chose to be in harmony with them.

For this very purpose, they identified specific character as well as vibration of various units of time e.g. Year, Month, Day, Nakshatra, Hour, Ascendant, various divisions of Nakshatra, Ascendant etc. To optimize the results of actions of humankind, the great scientists of yore suggested harmonizing the actions as per nature of prevalent time.

‘‘’®, in this great tradition of Vedic seers, has further advanced this great science, which comes into the domain of ‘Karma’ as per ‘Vedic Thought’. Our research-oriented team of experienced astrologers, who represent diverse segments of society, has worked out Muhurta parameters, for many events and actions; which were, incidentally, not contemplated at the time of Vedic Seers. This is a major breakthrough by ‘’® in this important field of astrology. Alas! No one did it before.’ is also only organization in the world; who

  • Have redefined the concept of Muhurta as per current norms;
  • Work out personalized Muhurta as per specific combinations of your Horoscope;
  • Calculate Muhurta as per exact longitudes and latitudes of the place, where proposed action is supposed to take place;
  • Suggest Muhurta, only after analyzing the exact nature of the event or action.
  • Does not give generalized Muhurta, as given normally by other websites, eShops, Panchngas etc.

This is the reason that our clients are getting most optimum and satisfactory results from their endeavors, started at the particular moment, as suggested by us.  Acharya Kalki Krishna defines ‘Muhurta’ as ‘intervention into destiny’. So come forward and take help of ‘’ for going beyond your destiny.