Yajna (Sanksrit :संस्कृत   Yajna; also anglicized as Yagya, Yagna or Anushthan) is actually a ritual, performed to attain a number of wishes. Yajna is often also called as ‘Homa or Havana’, however these are totally different rituals.
Divine Yagya
Divine Yagya is performed to please Gods. These Yagyas are addressed to Vedic deities. Either the choice of the Yajna is done by the customer itself, .                   
Maha Ganapati Yagya
Maha Lakshmi Yagya
Kanak Dhara Yagya
Maha Durga Pooja or Maha Shakti Yagya
Rudrabhishek Yagya
Mahamrityunjaya Yagya
Maha Saraswati Yagya
Maha Vishnu Yagya
Bhagavad Gita Yagya
Baglamukhi or Pitambara Yagya
Navagraha Yagya
Other Divine Yagyas
Planetary Yagya :
Planetary Yagya is popularly called ‘Graha Kripa Yagya’as well as ‘Graha Shanti Yagya’. When a Planetary Yagya is performed for getting blessings from Grahas, it is called ‘Graha Kripa Yagya’.
Navagraha Yagya
Surya / Aditya (Sun) Yagya
Chandra (Moon) Yagya
Mangal (Mars) Yagya
Budh (Mercury) Yagya
Guru (Jupiter) Yagya
Shukra (Venus) Yagya
Shani (Saturn) Yagya
Rahu Yagya
Ketu Yagya
Special Purpose Yagya
These Yagyas are specially designed by Acharya Kalki Krishnan to counteract specific problems or to achieve specific objective of the person sponsoring the Yagya.’.
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Business Success Yagya
Career Enhancement Yagya
Wealth Enhancement Yagya

Yagya for finding a suitable match (Husband/ Wife)

Corporate Yagya
Court Victory Yagya
Wedding Anniversary Yagya
Mool Shanti Yagya
Vastu Shanti
Yagya for Improvement of memory

Yagya for Removal of fear from govt. & enemy (favorable settlement of conflict)

Yagya for Freedom from inner fear

Yagya for Freedom from addiction to drugs and alcohol

Yagya for Removal of domestic worries
Yagya for Spiritual progress & enlightenment
Yagya for A safe, comfortable journey
Yagya for Success in education and learning
Danger Averting Yagya
Health Betterment Yagya
Problem Eradication Yagya
Marriage Problem Eradication Yagya
Santan Gopal Yagyas
Birthday Graha Shanti Yagya
Shumbharambha (Inauguration) Yagya

Puja (Propitiation) for Benefic Influence on a New-Born Child

Shraaddh/ Performance of Rites to Honor the Deceased (Narayan bali) Yagya

Yagya for Peace of mind
Yagya for Removal of obstacles
Yagya for Freedom from bondage
Yagya for Good and peaceful sleep
Yagya for Domestic and general happiness
Yagya for Success in finding a suitable job
Yagya for Physical and mental energy
Yagya for Fortunate development of children
Love Marriage Yagya
Yagya for family and children
Sanjeewani Yagya

Yagya for Protection from spells and black-magic

Yagya for reducing anger & aggression

Yagya for help in Mangalik Dosha and / or non-compatibility

Yagya for relationships
Yagya for help in getting rid of loans
Yagya for prosperity

Yagya for recovery from un-timely death situation

My Personal Desire Yagya
Yagya for Welfare and happiness
Kaalsarpa Dosh Yagya
Yagya Specially For You
Do you want to do Yagya or Pooja to avoid obstacles from life just perform this Yagna by choice and Avoid problems in life by doing Yagya. ’.