Yearly Report

Most unique Yearly Report from the house of ‘’®

Specially prepared for YOU from one birthday to another birthday.

Most individualized yearly report, specifically applicable to only one person on Earth, who is none other than you.

To give you most reliable and exhaustive prediction of the coming year, we make combined use of Vedic Varshphal System, Western Solar Return System and Tajak System of Arabic Origin.

In ancient times, Kings and aristocracy used to perform many religious and festive activities on their birthdays. One of them was to visit their family astrologer for knowing the permutation and combination of the upcoming year. The family astrologer used to go deeply into their horoscopes in a focused and compressed way, concentrating mainly on a particular year, instead of analyzing and discussing whole life.

Such a specialized and focused report serves many purposes, as it served of those Kings and aristocracy:

In the light of astrological observations for the particular year, you can plan the matters and affairs in advance, in the manner, modern Governments do;

  • Not just upcoming year, but any year of life, say twelfth year from now, can be analyzed much in advance, helping you to conceive and organize segments of life in  a systematic way;
  • You can take preventive and corrective measures for avoiding any unforeseen events and circumstances, just at the start of the year, in the light of astrological observations;
  • You can propitiate specific Grahas/ Planets, which are adverse in that particular year;
  • In the light of highly individualized yearly report provided by us, you can know which segments of life to be stressed upon and which segments of life, to be taken care of.