Vastu Shastra

‘Vaastu’ or ‘Vastu’, also called as ‘Vaastu Shastra’ and ‘Vastu Shastra’, as commonly understood, is the science, relating to the construction of human dwellings e.g. houses, factories, shops, religious places, complexes, townships etc…

Services Provided By Us

‘’®  i.e. this premier organization has made a name in the field of Vastu. Continuous and deep researches done by us in the field of Vastu/ Vaastu has resulted into the unique and unparalleled concept of ‘Astro Vedic Vaastu’, which is popularly called ‘Astro Vastu’®.

To know, how the concept of ‘Astro Vastu’® is unique and effective, please visit ‘Why ‘® Only’, it is an Eye-Opener.
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We extend following services in the field of Vastu/ Vaastu

Vastu Visit to the site

Under this service, we pay visit to your site and take stock of all Vastu related angles. This is very detailed procedure,involving measurement of Bio-Energy of the plot/ premises/ building; 

Map Analysis

Under this much sought after service of our esteemed organization, we make detailed analysis of the map submitted by you. We expect a very detailed map, indicating each and every object including colors, shapes 

Vastu Telephonic Consultancy

Nothing can beat personal interaction, as far as human satisfaction is concerned. All your queries are sorted out then and there. Your questions, sub-questions are resolved immediately. This is the reason that many of our esteemed clients