Angarak Yoga Nivaran Puja.

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What is Angarak Yoga?

The Angarak yoga is occured when the ‘RAHU’  and ‘Mangal’ together in horoscope. That is called “ANGARAK YOGA” in astrology. Angarak Yog is gives  with bad or very bad results by many Vedic astrologers. In, Vedic astrology, if Rahu forms a relationship with Mars in a horoscope, either due to placement or due to aspect, Angarak Yog is said to be formed in the horoscope which means that if Rahu and Mars are placed in the same house of horoscope or if Rahu and Mars are having mutual aspect on each other, Angarak Yog is said to be formed in the horoscope.Some of  Vedic astrologers believe that the presence of Angarak Yog in a horoscope can make the native very aggressive, violent and negative, and the formation of this yog .disputes of the native with his friends, brothers and other relatives.

♦Effect of  Angarak yoga.
1. A person who have this dosha is  become very Aggressive and Violent. the advice of even most near and dear people. 

2. Person may produced bad personality .

3. Problems and obstructions in almost all the fields of life due to over assertive and aggressive nature of the person


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