Bhoomi Pujan

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GNI, water, sky, earth and air – we have all been taught about the five important elements according to our scriptures. Earth – Earth; It is also known as Bhoomi. Land which, without it, is difficult to maintain, is like a base. She is our mother, and no life can be done without her. The land is very revered for all Hindus. Bhoomi Poojan is a very important ritual that is purely dedicated to the worship of this mother.
Importance and importance of land worship :
Bhoomi Poojan is done according to the criteria stated in Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is a traditional Indian science of architecture. When you start a house or any work on the land, then when many of the jives are buried in it, or on the land on which their house is built, we start building our house, before doing this land tax, For the purification of the earth, a lot of ground worship is necessary. This is the primary reason that Bhoomi Pujan is very important. We pray to increase positive energy and to vain, or at least to negative people.
Benefits of Bhoomi Poojan:
The foundation is the most important thing in any construction. It is like the life of an infant. If not fed (physically, emotionally and spiritually) with the right nutrients at that level, babies grow up if not fed can be unhealthy.
Similarly, a proper Bhoomi Pujan can bring luck and good fortune for construction, whether you can build it for yourself or to sell it further. It is necessary for this puja to take the blessings of Mother Earth, It is being done well to ensure its safety and whatever is in place for those who are living in the building. Through Bhumi Pujan, we pray for Vastu Purush and invoke his blessings, this also helps in removing various types of Vastu defects.


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