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L-Rods, also called angle Rods are L shaped wires generally used for field dowsing.  Copper Dowsing L Rods are the two most powerful dowsing tools used by Practitioners around the world. Dowsing, in general language, is the art of finding hidden things. Now its uses are more expanded in several fields. The dowsing rod are a simple-to-use instrument and can be practiced by anyone. Copper Dowsing L-Rods offered by AstroDevam are of superior quality and are the most popular among dowsers. It is an excellent tool for Feng Shui, Reiki Consultant, Vastu Shastra Experts, and Reiki healers.

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Copper Dowsing L-Rods are basically L shaped wires used for field dowsing. Copper L-Rods are the most popular dowsing and Vastu instrument among dowsers. L-Rods respond by either closing or opening, when asked a question. These Dowsing L rods can point in a direction when searching for an object. Some dowsers use L-Rods for space clearing or Feng Shui. Dowsers use L-Rods mainly for locating water, energy, food, treasure, directions and information. L-Rods are beneficial for any type of dowsing.

There are different theories about the mechanism of dowsing. There may be explanations on the physical, electromagnetic, emotional, spiritual, biochemical and several other levels, which in essence clarify the same thing in dissimilar terms. One explanation is that it is an easy process that connects the rational, intellectual part of us with the intuitive or Higher Self. It is like a doorway between the spirit and the mind, using the body as a threshold.

Dowsing work by sending the unconscious knowledge into the arm muscles, making the L-rods move away or together from each other. We can use Copper Dowsing L Rods to detect energy patterns in nature, such as the different frequencies or patterns of subtle energy given off by various substances, the Earth energies of places or electromagnetic fields and Geopathic stress, so we can detect the different effects they have on us.

We can also use dowsing to re-change chi (energy) paths and to bring healing to traumatized environmental energies. A set of Copper L-rods also makes an outstanding spirit hunting tool and may be used to locate a high EMF energy during a paranormal investigation. In essence, dowsing is an instrument for helping us to expand our consciousness of what exists beyond the naked eye. God has given gifts to the world. L-Rods offered by AstroDevam are of superior quality and pure Copper; we cannot compromise with the quality of our products. It is even well-tested by our expert dowsers and good thing about using these rods is that it will give you an accurate results.

There are several types of instruments used in dowsing now-a-days. However, most common and popular is Dowsing L Rods. It is the oldest mode for dowsing. But control and disturbance affects the result. For perfect dowsing, you can easily consult our expert Dowser Āchary Kalki Krishnan. At AstroDevam, you can also search for other essential Vastu tools like FaMa-Pendulum, Universal Aura Scanner Machine, Openable Brass Dowsing Pendulum, etc. These tools guide us in finding the source of problems perfectly.


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