Margaj Green Jade Lord Ganesh Idol

Lord Shri Ganesh is supposed to be the god of education and wisdom and is the lord of planet Mercury the significator of education and wisdom. Margaj Green Jade Ganesha Idol (Semi-precious stone): The members of the house is blessed by Lord Ganesha. All the obstacles are removed by keeping this. It brings prosperity in one’s life. It removes negativity from one’s life. This idol is kept in homes, office. Margaj Ganesh increases and intensifies the positive effects of Mercury and reduces its negative effects.
It is specifically beneficial for those natives who have Gemini or Virgo ascendant. These people should specially worship MargajLaxmi Ganesh. It has strong energy of mantras of ganesha which gives 100% successful result for all problem. devotional and faith must in worship.

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