Parad Shree Meru Yantra Ring

Shree Meru Yantra Ring made in pure Parad is the most auspicious ring and blesses the wearer with immense success, fortune, power and happiness. It also helps in clearing negative thoughts and negative energies. This special ring is the source of accomplishing materialistic desires and for spiritual upliftment. It also controls blood pressure. It can be worn on any finger.


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Ancient Vedas has considered Parad as the most auspicious, pure and sacred metal, which not only has religious, astrological but medical importance too. Beautiful Parad Shree Meru Yantra Ring blesses the users with huge success, luck, power and happiness Parad Shree Meru Yantra Ring is the special ring and a great source of accomplishing worldly desires and for uplifting spiritual aspects of life.

Benefits of Parad Shree Meru Yantra Ring:

  • Blesses with authority and prosperity.
  • Helps in achieving peace and harmony
  • Assists in clearing negative feelings
  • Help in attracting all the positivity in your life
  • Helps in controlling blood pressure and heart disease
  • Blesses you with mental and physical strength.

Shree Meru Yantra Ring made in pure Parad can be easily worn on any finger. Besides producing a huge amount of positive energy, it also boosts financial growth and removes Vastu Doshas. This special ring is one of the most important and powerful ring, which instantly changes the fortune of the wearer and their family.

According to Parad Samhita, the wearer of a Parad Ring attains cosmic power equal to that offered by Ratna (Gemstone). Overall, Original Parad Shree Meru Yantra Ring by AstroDevam bestows mental peace and happiness, health, wealth & harmony.

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Weight 16 g
Dimensions 0.14 × 0.19 × 0.22 m


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