Round Metal Pendulum

This is completely unique kind of Round Metal Pendulum. It has a Round Metal Pendulum integrated with  energy pyramids to help us find the hidden or unseen micro energy disturbances in or out of any premise that we are correcting through Pyramid Vaastu. This versatile information-finding tool can be used in many sectors of life.Round Metal Pendulum guides us to many subtle defects. Which we might overlook when checking physical defects. This is a very important tool for any Pyramid vaastu expert for the complete diagnosis of the defects in the plot, house or building. This is an advance tool and needs proper guidance and training under an expert before using.

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This tool has an amazing range of uses and has been employed by many different cultures over thousands of years. The oldest known recorded pendulum use is from eight thousand years ago from ancient cave drawings in Algeria. Chinese emperors used pendulums to predict the future. Moses used a dowsing staff to discover water hidden in a rock. Pendulums have fallen in and out of favor over the years, and at times outlawed and feared. There are a lot of misconceptions about pendulums even today – fears that make some people leery of their “power” and others entranced by their magic.

Achieving personal growth through development of the intuition

Here’s a list of some possible ways to use your pendulum.

1.    Getting guidance from your higher self

2.    Connecting to the wisdom of the universe, the collective consciousness

3.    Communicating with your inner child

4.    Understanding events of the past

5.    Predicting the future (keeping in mind that the “future” is in constant flux)

6.    Checking the status of one’s chakras – identifying imbalances or blockages

7.    Communicating with pets and animals

8.    Detecting the presence of and communicating with angels

9.    Enhancing energy healing

10.  Cleansing Tarot cards and verifying card readings

11.  Checking for the presence of energies, entities, spirits, or angels

12.  Checking for unwanted astral cord connections

13.  Communicating with the spirit world

14.  Finding lost objects

15.  Locating underground water, minerals, or oil

16.  Deciding on meals / food ingredients

17.  Deciding on colors (to wear, to use in your environment, etc.)


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