Shani Shankh / Kachhap Shankh ( Conch )

Shani Shank conch is a turtle shaped conch  and also known as kachhap Shankh / Conch and  is devoted to Lord Shani .
Turtle is a symbol of long life, stability, prosperity and wealth according to Hindu Vedas and Chinese culture. This Shani Conch brings the blessings of Saturn and in addition to that,  it is considered very important conch as it protects from the wrath of  Shani  or Saturn. This is very much useful To achieves blessings and Benefits from Lord Shani. It destroys the negative energy from the surrounds. It also removes all types of negativity from the surroundings. It is believed that who keep Shani Shankh in their place of money; Goddess Lakshmi boosts and stabilises their monetary resources . Kachhap Shankh is useful for overcoming mishaps, risks and threats .The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word ‘Kachhap / ShaniShankh’ is ‘Turtle shaped Conch’. The Kachhap / ShaniShankh is also considered as a symbol of growth, prosperity and stability.Keeping Kachhap/ Shani Conch in the place of money boosts our monetary resources. Turtle shaped Conches are very rare and highly exceptional. In Ancient scriptures, conches are considered very auspicious.

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