Vastu Agarbatti Packet (10 Packets)

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Special Reaserch For Remove Vastu Dosh.
Remove all negative energy.
Helpful For clean and positive atmosphere.
Remove all the illness, severe depression, or many quarrels.
Clean All Balck Magic Energy.
Another way to cleanse a room is to burn agarbattis or dhoop or loban. Agarbattis clean up the atmosphere with perfume and are a gentle and pleasant way of raising vibrations. They are made from natural materials like google, which is protective as well as cleansing.
Keep your house clean light an agarbatti or a dhoop stick and take it all around the house allowing the fragrance to permeate every corner. Don’t forget the bathrooms. They collect the most negativity. If your bathrooms feel heavy put a flame in there for a while.
If there has been illness, severe depression, or many quarrels, burn a few cubes of vastu agarbatti to dissipate the heavy energies. It burns very quickly and cleans very strongly.
Vastu agarbatti is powerful so don’t use it more than twice a day.
1 packet – 32 Sticks


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