Shriparni Ganesh

he Auspicious Shriparni Wood Ganesh or Sevan Wood Ganesh is made out of the Sacred Shriparni Tree Wood. Shriparni Tree is considered very holy because it is in this Tree that Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi (Lakshmiji) naturally resides as Swayambu. Shriparni Tree is also popularly known as Sevan Tree and Gambhari Tree. Many experienced Vedic Astrologers, Vaastu Shastra Consultants and Pundits recommend the Ganesh Plaque made of Shriparni Wood for Cash Flow, Financial Independence, Accumulation of Jewels & Abundance. The Shriparni Ganesh Plaque can be kept both in the place of business (shop, showroom, office) to enhance the flow of monies and at home

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