Shriparni Shri Yantra

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Shriparni Shri Yantra 5″Laxmiji (Goddess of wealth) dwells in the Shreeparni tree. Shree-Yantra is an ancient discovery. Shreeparni Shree Yantra is a master piece of all the Yantras. It is made from of Shreeparni tree’s wood. It is activated through a specific procedure and then become a divine Shree Yantra.

Godness Laxmi is present in the Shriparni tree. Shriparni Shriyantra are used in everyday Prayer then instantly the devotee gets the blessings of Goddess Laxmiji & with the help of it the devotee gets Happiness & in all his work he gets success. Also, the atmosphere becomes positive.

The Shriyantra made out of shriparni wood gives prosperity.It is very helpful to correction of Vastudosha.    You can keep this Divine Shriparni Shriyantra In your Home, Offices ,Factory. Shriparni Shriyantra is activated through its Devine procedure and Rituals.


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