Shriparni Om Swastik Trishul Small

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This Trishakti symbol has been carved out of pure and auspicious Shriparni wood. This Trishakti ( Tri- energy ) symbol purifies the whole atmosphere. It is helpful in removing all faults.

In India the three most auspicious signs are those of ” SWASTIK – OM and TRISHUL “. This sign can also be used in the office or it can be kept in the purse, briefcase etc with very good result. We can place it at worship place or at the top of main door.

You can affix this symbol on both sides of your main door, on the outer side as a protection charm for your house. You can carry this on your person,  for personal protection and good luck.

If all these three signs are displayed together on the out side of main door, it is supposed to be very lucky and also protects the people living inside the house from all types of evil eyes and magic attacks.


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