Lal Kitab Remedies

Lal Kitab Remedies

'Lal Kitab’ Remedies

Are you suffering from all kinds of problems in life? Do you have acute financial problems in your life? Have physical ailments, sickness; depression and mental fatigue made your life hell?  Do you feel that peace and harmony is eluding you, as water in desert? Do you have lost all the faith in relationships?

The ‘Lal Kitab’ has unique and easy to perform remedies that can solve your day to day problems and help you lead a happy and peaceful life. Consult experienced and knowledgeable team of ‘’, who has made their name in the field of astrology, for the excellent remedies with sure shot results.

What is ‘Lal Kitab’?

‘Lal Kitab’ (literally Red Book) has recently become very popular and has attracted a lot of media hype. Due to peculiar type of remedial measures suggested in it, which sometimes go to the extent of bizarre. It was originally, published in unrefined Urdu language, which was even devoid of the element of punctuation and sounds.

Since inception, it is a mystery in itself. Even today, we are not sure who had written this marvellous book. Initially, it was believed that this book was written in Persia, but now, it has been proved beyond doubt that this was created in those parts of North India, which nowadays may be called borders of states, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, in India.

Its unique principles, which are quite diverse from those of traditional Astrology, have stood the test of time, and have become last pillar of hope for the not so well off masses.  The single most peculiarity of this’ astrology is that the Houses or Bhavas have precedence over Zodiac Signs or Rashis. In fact the Zodiac Signs or Rashis are ignored to such an extent that the numbers of Rashis are taken to be identical with houses. For example, First House or Bhava will always be taken as Aries or Mesha; and so on.

It simply means that if Ascendant/ Lagna in each horoscope is to be taken as Aries, then all other houses/ Bhavas will be identified with other Zodiac Signs/ Rashis in the same manner; e.g. Taurus in Second House, Libra in Seventh House, Capricorn in Tenth House and Pieces in Twelfth House.

Another impact of this premise is that placing of planets is also treated in the same manner. For example, Sun placed in first house will always be treated as exalted, as it is exalted in sign Aries. Similarly, Moon will be treated as exalted in second House and debilitated in eighth house. Ownership of the houses is also decided in the same manner; e.g.  Mars is always the Lagna Lord and Venus the 7th Lord.

Some other concepts, unique to the ‘Lal Kitab’ system of astrology are notions of ‘Blind Planets’, ‘Artificial Planets’, ‘Pakka Ghar’ and ‘Sin & Sinful Planets’, which play very important role is suggesting effective remedies. The remedies of the Red Book suggested by ‘’ are not only cheap and within the limits of the common man, but they are highly fool proof, dependable and unfailing.  They are too simple to be elaborated further and too unique to be understood by logic and rationale. Whatever be the facts they are quite effective and cannot be just given up for their simplicity. The most important factor about the remedies is that they are easy but effective.

Although, we have given remedies to be used in general under the section, Tips and remedies to be used with respect to specific planets under the section, ‘Red book’ remedies, but if you want to do remedies specific to you, contact experienced and knowledgeable team of ‘’, who recommends its remedies only after going deeply through natal horoscope as well annual horoscope’. That is the reason that these remedies never fail to give desired results.