Natural Red Hakik Maala or Natural Red Agate Rosary Certified for Mangal

 Natural Red Agate Rosary for Mangal / Mars strengthening , Hakik or Agate is a semi-precious stone which comes in various colours. Red Agate Rosary reduces the ill effect of Planet Mars (Mangal) by strengthening it. It is Recommended to have astrological positive effects. Red Hakik Mala is used to chant the mantras of Planet Mars (Mangal). It is very useful for making the mind calmer of people suffering from fears and claustrophobia. it is also used in chanting the mantras of Goddess Kali and Durga. Red Hakik mala brings great strength, courage and appreciation of nature into an individual’s life. It is helpful in releasing fatigue, skin ailments and improving blood circulation. It can also aid in small gynaecological problems. This mala is helpful against phobias such as claustrophobia. Benefits of Red Hakik Mala Red colour represents physical energy, passion, courage, power, will, and desire

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